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Happiness Is...

Country/Folk singer Mac Davis sang that "Happiness is Lubbock, TX in my rear view mirror." And while I'm not one who normally agrees with country music, this particular song strikes a familiar chord with me. And that brings me to the latest reason as to why there has been an absence of a new entry on this blog until now. Last Friday, with a little more than a weeks notice, my wife (Kim) and I packed up and moved to Seattle, WA.

Happiness for us was, indeed, Lubbock, TX in the rear view mirror! Kim (who's an RN) was offered a position at Swedish Medical Center in downtown Seattle and it was a position and an offer that we simply couldn't turn down. We both love the Northwest and have always had a desire to be up here. I, in fact, moved to Seattle after finishing my undergrad work at Texas Tech and then moved back to Lubbock to pursue my music promotions company. Lubbock to me was always a temporary stop in life and while it is an extremely friendly town, it just never fit my personality.

And so here we are, again.

Kim is from a super small town in eastern New Mexico and has never lived further than 90 miles from her family. Lubbock, for her, was a big city (220,000 people). And so it will be interesting to see her transition into the city life. But so far, so good.

So, that all said... this is just an update as to why there has been an absence of new entries. I will be writing a lot more in the coming weeks. And if you're in the Northwest, drop me a line and we'll go for - what else - coffee!

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good to hear from you. glad the move went well. tell Kim hello for me. I look forward to hearing about the next stage.

Posted by: ryan | Oct 22, 2004 6:02:10 PM

Good to hear the move went well. I've always enjoyed Seattle as well, only sometimes the constant overcast days get to me.

Also, I found out a few days ago that you used to be neighbors with some friends of mine here in Lubbock.

Posted by: Stephan Segraves | Oct 28, 2004 11:29:52 AM

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