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Welcome Back


Cue the hit single from Ma$e, Welcome Back.

I've been on a little bit of a sabbatical from blogging, among other things. Life has taken a massive shift lately. I've been doing what I could to just keep up.

A few months into being back in the city of Seattle, I was offered a temporary slot as a tour manager for my close friend, Matt Wertz. Itching to try it, and needing something... ANYTHING... that may possibly spark up my life once again, I went along.

Check this...


I had been in a rut for awhile. Not feeling very passionate about my role in the restaurant industry and waiting for that to ultimately pass. It never did, so I had to face the issue of moving on. That wasn't fun. Mainly because there are a lot of people involved in this thing. An investor, my wife, employees, vendors, etc. That can be a lot of pressure mentally that could possibly keep a person involved in an industry they weren't passionate about.

So after a lot of internal debates and a lot of time to think and reflect, I've decided that it was time for the next chapter. There were numerous things that contributed. One was to pursue the passion that I can't seem to escape, music. The other was the decision my wife made to commit to going through med school. So I decided that I wanted her to have the freedom to pursue a passion that she has been putting on hold for the sake of our company.

So now I'm back. Working on the transition from one big thing to another. And finally feeling passionate about writing again. Could I be more fickle?!

More to come...

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