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Crazy? Who, me?

Usually when I meet other aspiring business people (entrepreneurs, investors, etc), I always like to suggest a very short, but potent list of books that could help them become better in the path they have chosen.

Now, I understand that simply reading books doesn't give someone all the knowledge needed to conquer the business and investing world. Experience, in my mind, will always stand out as the best teacher. Experience aside, I always attempt to become an advocate of the few books - of the many that I have read - that stand out the most and have made the most impact on my life.

A few months ago, I received an email from a guy name Barry Moltz. Barry, also a fellow blogger, has recently written a book called "You Need To Be A Little Crazy: The truth about starting and growing your business." The email simply asked me if he could send me a copy of the book for a possible review on this blog. As a side note, there are 3 things I will never pass up: free books, free CDs, and free food. So, of course, I took Mr. Moltz up on his offer to give his book a read.

Needless to say, perhaps (from the first few statements of this blog), that this book has become one of my "must read" books for ANY aspiring - or current - entrepreneur, business/investing enthusiast, or someone who would simply like to understand this particular type of person. I'm going to make this book a requirement for my wife to read as well, so she can understand me a bit more!

There are very few books for me that do what this book has done. Further, this book has accomplished something no other book has... it has taken who I am and put it into words. I have simply never felt as understood as I did when I read this book.

Entrepreneurs, I have found, are a lot like artists in their own way. No one understands us. We're a minority group. And don't even get me started on the family dynamics this causes with the in-laws!

Aside from the connection I had with this book, it also provides some amazing, blunt lessons that Barry has learned either from experience or from the wisdom of others. This is one of those books that you read it and think "I wish I would have read this before I started my business!"

I firmly believe that this book needs to be a prerequisite for everyone to read if they're thinking about starting a business.

Barry has an amazing way of making you feel as though you're not alone anymore. I've always been looked at as though I was crazy for the things I've wanted to do... but I've never thought of it as a good thing until now! This book will, or at least should, become one of the leading books read by entrepreneurs. Barry Moltz has recruited another advocate of his book in me. Finally, we have good reason to embrace the fact that we're all crazy!

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