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The Lazy Gene

For just a quick post here... I couldn't help but post a link to this blog. This is one of my favorite blogs by far. A must read!

Apparently, scientist have discovered a "lazy gene". So now more people will have even more excuses for their lifestyles. Brilliant. Enjoy.


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Seattle Jazz


I suppose as some sort of pseudo update on my life in Seattle, I must say that I have been super jazzed up lately about the mere appearance of opportunities that are available here for me (both in regards to business and on a personal level as well).

Last Tuesday I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of my business heroes, Scott Bedbury. Scott was the head of Advertising @ Nike for almost 10 years during their "Just Do It" and "Bo Knows" days and then did a 3-year stint as the CMO of Starbucks in the mid-90s. He wrote the book "A New Brand World" (which is one of my favorites) and now runs his own consulting biz up here. And wouldn't you know it, I had a business-related pseudo-emergency call that pushed me to be a few minutes late for my meeting with Scott! Murphy's Law, I suppose. Luckily, in proof of his great character, he waited and was very patient.

In other news, I was surfing around one of my favorite blogs, The Marketing Playbook, and found out (about a week too late) that Rich and John were going to be speaking at some event for an organization called the Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN). I followed the link to the NWEN's website and was stoked that there was such a place (understanding, of course, that I recently moved from Lubbock, TX).

After emailing someone who worked for NWEN, I quickly received a response inviting me to their breakfast meeting the next day. There were roughly 200 people at this thing. Entrepreneurs, VCs, Angels, lawyers, CPAs, MBA and PhD students from the UW Business school, etc. It was like coming home. So, of course, I became a member immediately after the breakfast. There are even some volunteer opportunities available that seem to be right up my ally. I love this stuff.

On a personal level, there are Starbucks on every corner (which is rad) and then there's my all-time favorite coffee place up on Capital Hill called Vivace. The radio stations actually play good music AND there's even a variety in the types of stations available. Amazing.

Then there's the bars. Pubs, I should say. Small, hole-in-the-wall places that exude community over a glass of Guinness.

And asian food. Yes! Fuji's Teriyaki in Bellevue. Can't beat that. PF Changs. Yumm.

Sports: Mariners (I've been a fan since the mid-80s), Seahawks (I'm more of a 49ers fan, but I won't complain. It's football), University of Washington Huskies, and the Sonics who are, as of this writing, off to a 8-1 start. All I gotta say is that we're definitely saving for Mariners season tickets for next season!

Music: The music scene here is great. A few weeks ago, I got to see Marc Broussard at the Crocodile Cafe. My friend and former co-worker at Red Robin (from back in the day) is getting his band, Mountain Con, on the map in a big way. And Matt Wertz and Dave Barnes (friends and musicians from Nashville) will be playing here in December.

All this to say, I love Seattle. There's probably not one thing I dislike about the area. Well, OK, one thing... traffic. Other than that, this is God's country. And (dare I say it?!...) we may have a republican Governor for the first time in 24 years! Although only winning by 261 votes total, Dino Rossi still has to wait through a recount since the margin of victory was less than 2,000 votes. So we may not know for a few weeks.

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