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Married, no kids, 2 golden retrievers - Boaz and Roxi - and president/CEO of Cilantro's Burrito Grill.


My sophomore year at Texas Tech University, my roommate and good friend, Ryan Scheckel, encouraged me to keep a journal. He even bought me an OMNI notepad to start with. From then on, I was hooked with writing.

Granted, I've always been a sub-par student and English was never my favorite subject... so, needless to say, I am by no means a seasoned author. I simply write what's in my head (with some editing, of course).

Oddly enough, I tend to lean toward my left brain (the logical/mathematical side) even though I'm a lefty (which tend to be more creative). In fact, I even thought about pursuing a degree in Math until I realized I didn't want to teach it! I went from Math to Computer Science to Marketing to Management Information Systems to Public Relations and then back to Marketing with a minor in PR. Dizzy yet?

Perhaps writing is where my right brain comes in most. I can't paint or write poetry. I've spent a few years of my younger life playing violin, but gave that up for sports to become more "manly" - which is the curse of Jr High.

So here I am... putting my thoughts out here on this blog for whomever to view. This is my hobby and my passion combined. So I hope you enjoy.

You can read more specifics about me and what I've done on my first entry.



Reading, working, baseball, being at Starbucks (for the Grande Breve Caramel Macchiato), traveling, beer (mostly darks like Porters, Guiness, and those microbrews), wines (dark as well), running, music, movies, and my 49ers franchise on Madden 04.